Why Adtaq? For Fast, affordable virtual servers without the cloud cover charge.

Clearly there are plenty of companies to choose from when it comes to virtual "cloud" servers.

Who We Are

We are an international group of diehard tech enthusiasts spanning three countries that have been working in the tech space far before it was cool.

We set out to find the very best location to build out a virtual server platform which led us to Quincy, Washington in the USA. With some of the lowest renewable power rates in the world and plenty of fiber to the backbone connectivity hubs in Seattle, we feel Quincy is the best location available for ADTAQ's base of operations.

What makes us different?

The big tech platforms have truly created some amazing things. The ability to turn up and turn down an entire virtual datacenter using scripts and API calls is impressive and represents an evolution in how corporations think about deploying IT solutions.

We say, let them have it.

All of that capability brings with it complex control panels and impossible to comprehend encoded identifiers designed for a computer to read, not a human. Building this stuff is also not cheap, so big tech is forced to build massive datacenters, purchase billions in hardware, pay thousands of employees, and then of course pass on those costs to you, their customers.

Want a server to backup your photos? Or how about a fast Plex instance for you to stream your media anywhere in the world? Sign up in 2-clicks for $20/month and you're done. It's really that simple.

Let other companies serve the bloated corporations. We're here for the hobbiests, the small business owners, and the real geeks out there that appreciate a fast, no nonsense, aggressively priced service.

We don't have millions in VC funding or Silicon Valley offices with foosball tables and catered meals comprised mostly of soy. We actually don't have an office at all.

We're a lean team of 10x neckbeard engineers that have been doing this for a long time. Does this make us sound old fashioned? Yeah, probably, but we're good with that.