Frequently Asked Questions

Cancelling is as easy as joining. Just visit our Billing Portal.

Clearly, we aren't web designers. Most hosting providers aren't either, but they do think it makes sense to buy themes and copy/paste their details into them. We think they all look the same and are boring and generic, so we decided to make a website that's different.

We know that WHMCS is the industry standard for hosting billing systems, but we just hate it. It's old, crusty, and simply provides a poor customer experience. Stripe is modern, fast, secure, and easy to use for our customers. We like to advertise that you can order a VPS in 2-clicks and Stripe allows us to do just that.

We do not at this time. Economies of scale dictate that choosing a single location will lead to reduced costs for business operations, and seeing as value to our customers is our number one priority, we have chosen to stick with just one (very nice) location at this time.

By cutting out the fluff and unnecessary extras most customers don't need and leveraging automation, we are able to operate our company in a very lean, efficient manner. Our advertising is solely via word of mouth, which saves on advertising costs. We have standardized server platforms which allow the same replacement parts to be used across many systems in case of failure. We have a large footprint at a single location which provides a "quantity discount" as opposed to many small deployments spread around the world.

You can reach our support team by sending email to [email protected]