Full custom Iaas for your business

Need multiple instances in various sizes or flavors? What about private networks, load balancers, or firewalls?

We can make it happen for 96% less than AWS.

More than single servers

We've been designing infrastructure for all sizes of companies for over 25 years. Let us build a custom solution for you without the confusion and hidden charges of the hyperscale cloud providers.

Choose any combination of 1 to 48 CPU cores, 1GB to 300GB of RAM, 7 TB+ in solid state NVMe storage or up to 100 TB on our accelerated RAID6 Storage platform. We can design as many instances as you need, exactly how you need them.

Private networking, VPNs, NAT, firewalls, load balancing, and anything else you can think of are also available. We can build you a platform that is secure.

The best part is you will receive transparent pricing up front. The price we quote will be the price you pay; every month, no surprises.

Fill out the form below with what you're looking for and we will be in touch within a day or two.

We look forward to working with you!

Compare ADTAQ to hyperscale clouds:


ProviderNetwork SpeedDisk Throughput4k IOPSVPS CostBW Transfer CostTotal / Mo
AWS~5 Gig12 MB/s3,000$16.26$552.96$569.22
Azure1 Gig11 MB/s2,600$33.38$472.00$505.38
GCP1 Gig32 MB/s7,900$20.73$522.24$542.97
ADTAQ10 GIG213 MB/s53,300$20Included$20.00


ProviderPlanVPS CostStorage CostBandwidth CostTotal / Mo
ADTAQSTORAGE 2$20.00IncludedIncluded$20.00

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What Else Do I Get?

It doesn't matter how fast your NVME disk is if your connection is slow. ADTAQ buys only premium bandwidth and provisions with an excess of overhead. This means you will be able to max out your 10 Gig connection any time you see fit. Run some speed tests over at lg.adtaq.net to see for yourself.

Have full ownership of your VPS and run whatever you want. We don't believe in only allowing you to run certain apps.

Apparently, some discount providers actually make you share an IP with other customers and provide NAT ports to access your server. We don't do this, it's super lame.

No matter how cheap a VPS is, if you have to wait for someone to build it for you it's pretty inconvenient. ADTAQ VPSes are spun up immediately upon succesful payment.

Installing the OS, monitoring bandwidth usage, reboots, console access and more are all included in our clean, modern Virtfusion VPS management portal.

Heck, just compare the setup screens between ADTAQ and AWS.

Ever try to get support at one of the hyperscale providers? They don't even have a email address for it. If the wiki pages they provide don't help, you are out of luck, unless you want to spend $1000+/month for a support contract.

Our portal allows you to do nearly everything you need to with your VPS, but if you ever have an issue, you can rest assured you will be able to get in touch with a human that speaks good English by emailing [email protected].