Quincy, Washington, USA
100% Uptime for Over 10 Years

Originally designed for Intuit in 2009 to the US Government's Highest Standard for redundancy, security, and availability, Adtaq's datacenter is one of the most resilient datacenters on the planet.

100% Uptime vs 100% Uptime SLA

Visit any hosting company, colocation company, or virtual server company's website today and you'll discover they all have one thing in common: 100% Uptime Guarantee!

Sounds pretty great, right? It's great to hear that all of a sudden every hosting company in the world no longer has outages. Unfortuantely, that is not at all what they are saying.

The vast majority of these companies are simply offering a 100% uptime SLA. What this means is that if your server were to be unavailable, you are entitled to compensation for that period of time.

This is perfectly fine, and Adtaq also offers a 100% SLA on our services; the difference is that our datacenter has actually been 100% available for over 10 years.

100% Renewable Hydro Power

While renewable power sources are not essential for operating a top tier datacenter, they certainly do not hurt. Adtaq's datacenter is powered by 100% renewable hydro power.

Tier III Data Center

Meeting or exceeding the requirements for Fortune 500 companies, Adtaq's datacenter is built to the Tier III standard. It's been SOC 2 Type II audited and been deemed ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant.

Department of Redundancy Department

2N UPS Power, 2N Backup Gensets, N+1 chillers, N+1 cooling towers, and N+1 CRAHs. There are also 2N coffee machines in the break room.

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