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We are trying to get the word out about what we're doing here at ADTAQ. The best way to differentiate ourselves from the typical spammy hosting company is to have actual customers share actual reviews of their experience with our service.
This allows prospective customers a window in to what it's genuinely like to use the ADTAQ platform, helps us with SEO, and helps us to discover where our customer base spends time so we know where to focus our attention.
To that end, we are offering a FREE account credit worth one month's service charges to any ADTAQ customer that submits an authentic, unique review of our service somewhere on the internet. Customers are eligible to receive one month's credit per review, per month.

Don't know where to write a review? Here are some options:
Server Hunter -
Crowd Reviews -
Trustpilot -
G2 -

To clarify:
You post a review on the 1st of June -> You receive one month's credit
You post another review on the 18th of June -> You do not receive any further credit
You post another review on the 1st of July -> You receive one month's credit
What We Don't Want
- Spammy, word for word identical text spread across multiple sites
- Reviews posted where they are not welcome or not appropriate
- Reviews posted on abandoned forums or sites with no actual users
- Other shady tactics in an effort to "game the system"
What We DO Want
- Geniune review of your experience using the ADTAQ platform
- Any benchmarks or performance metrics you've gathered
- A link back to our site, ideally to the page you purchased your server from, such as:
"I purchased my <a href="">Storage VPS</a> here and it was the best decision of my life"
We reserve the right to approve or deny each submission on a case by case basis, and hope that customers do not abuse this promo so we can continue offering it indefinitely.
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